CathCAD® is the software solution that allows the User to analyze and predict the mechanical characteristics of microcatheters. The Software is based (in part) on the engineering fundamentals summarized in the article, Design Considerations in Small-Diameter Medical Tubing, which was the January 2001 Cover Story in Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry (MDDI) magazine.

The computational algorithms are based on the following models:

  • Mechanics of Materials
  • Composite Laminate Theory
  • The Tube Buckling (kink radius) computations are based on the model developed by Brazier (i.e. the Brazier Effect)
  • Vendor material data sheets for standard materials utilized in medical products
  • The software computational engine is NOT based on empirical, tabulated, or measurement data

Since the software inception over 125,000+ computational models have been loaded and run using the CathCAD® software. Our user base consists of over sixty (60) medical device companies with over 200 active users. Email to receive more information about the CathCAD® product offering and licensing fees or see our website at


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